3 Ways To Wear Your Printed Blouse To Work This Spring

3 Ways To Wear Your Printed Blouse To Work This Spring

3rd Jun 2019

As you cast off your winter coats and don a spring jacket, it is the perfect time to update your wardrobe in preparation for the season. A great place to start is by adding an elegant printed blouse, which can help you create many transitional outfits. An elegant long sleeve blouse with bold prints offers versatility as it can be worn during the day and the night. Whether worn with a tailored suit, a breezy summer dress or just a pair of simple blue jeans - the style options are endless.

Here are some of our favorite printed blouse style ideas for you to try:

1. Layer it under or over a dress

Layering is one of the best ways to combine different silhouettes to create an interesting and unique ensemble. If you have a strappy dress that is too risqué for work, layer it over your printed blouse to create the ultimate spring outfit. You can even create a skirt look with the same dress by layering the blouse over the dress and then cinching the waist with a belt to add more definition. Finish off the your layered looks with ballerina flats, heels or ankle boots for a polished appearance, white sneakers or Converse High Tops for a casual spin, or a pair of combat boots for some edge.

2. Pair it with jeans or leggings

A printed blouse with jeans or leggings is the way to go this spring. It isn’t just work-appropriate in many cases but also makes for an ideal outfit for a lunch date or a night out with your girls. Pick out a light airy printed blouse from your wardrobe and wear it with your favorite pair of jeans. Tuck in a few inches of the blouse to define your waist and also elevate the whole look. When wearing leggings, let your printed blouse hang loose or cinch it with a belt. Add a pair of pointy toe pumps and a floppy leather tote, and you are good to go! Our luxurious women’s french cuff blouse would be perfect for this look.

3. Wear it with a printed skirt

Channel your inner “Girl Boss” with print-on-print dressing, such as by wearing your printed blouse with a fitted printed pencil skirt. Print-on-print may not be everyone’s cup of tea but if you’re feeling bold, it is an effortless way to communicate confidence while making a style statement at the office. Experiment with different prints but remember to keep them in the same color family if you are new to the aesthetic. Accessorizing should be kept to a minimum with this style.

Printed blouses offer an array of color options for you to choose from when matching and combining with other clothing, and it is that same quality which allows you to show your personal and professional style. The material and style you choose will depend on your intended use. Trends may come and go, but a classic printed blouse such as this will remain timeless. You can check out our website for more lifestyle apparel items that are designed to cater to all women out there balancing their career with an active social life!