A Swish on Tall Women's Clothing

A Swish on Tall Women's Clothing

Posted by Melody Thomas Studio on 11th Sep 2017

          A Swish on Tall Women's Clothing

Who'd have thought that after years of fitting Misses and Full-Figure women, Melody Thomas Studio would work with SWISH Fashions for the Tall to fill a much needed gap in the market for Tall fashions. 

The unexpected collaboration occurred in January 2014, when Kim Pagach, Owner of SWISH expressed a need for Tall fashionably current, good fitting clothing for her boutique.  


Cravatta - Silk Cotton Sleeveless Top

A model-esque 5-feet, 11-inches, Pagach (pictured here) is well versed in the shopping challenges of the tall

and thus set about giving MTStudio a lesson in Talls.

Of primary concern were pants that look flatter the hip and crotch, not to mention being the proper length,Shorts that are not too short for the tall. Too-short shorts are available, however and can be tabbed up or cuffed. Also included were elegant silk tops and blouses and, this being Texas, denim jeans.



"Love your Height, Love your Clothes" is the motto of SWISH

 You can purchase SWISH Fashions for the Tall at www.swishfashionsforthetall.com